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    Dead Air Silencers can be purchased through most major firearm wholesalers, including:


    Dead Air Silencers is fortunate to partner with numerous and valued dealers across the United States. Our product line represents a passion and absolute commitment to the design and manufacture of the very best suppressors available in the market.

    It is with these considerations in mind that Dead Air Silencers strictly enforces a MAP program. MAP insures the integrity and value of the brand while, at the same time, protects our dealer network.

    Our MAP pricing information is available through all of our wholesale distribution partners, or dealers may contact Dead Air Silencers directly. Failure to comply with our MAP policies could result in a termination of future product availability for dealers in violation. These are steps that Dead Air Silencers would prefer to avoid, however, such steps may be appropriate depending on the circumstances. Dead Air Silencers reserves the right to take any such actions as are required to enforce it’s MAP policies without reservation or waiver.

    We encourage dealers to directly contact us with questions concerning our MAP policies or with information regarding non-compliant dealers. Our MAP policy is intended to protect our dealers and can only be effectively enforced when we have notice of violations so please help us make the brand strong for everyone.