41 Top New Products for this Hunting Season

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Field & Stream Best of the Best 2015 Dead Air

Best of the Best: 41 Top New Products for this Hunting Season

Innovation doesn’t have to cost a king’s ransom

Before a product earns recognition as Best of the Best, it must undergo field testing by our experts. In all, more than 150 products were tested, and 41 were deemed fit enough to earn this honor. Test procedures included slopping through mud with hunting boots, running ATVs over challenging offroad trails, and shooting rifles from a benchrest (three shots at 100 yards with three different types of ammo). In addition, guns were inspected for overall fit and finish, trigger-pull weights were verified, and barreled actions were removed and inspected with a borescope. Optics were assessed for optical quality in varying light conditions, and our experts also tested the riflescopes with a series of live-fire exercises.

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