AfterSHOT: Dead Air Pyro Muzzle Brake

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Recoil Dead Air Armament Pyro muzzle brake

AfterSHOT: Dead Air Pyro Muzzle Brake

Post-SHOT Show coverage from RECOIL

We ran into Dead Air Armament at Media Day At The Range and took the opportunity to go hands on with one of their newest products. The Dead Air Pyro, which they tell us was intended to look “like Darth Vader designed it” helps push all the flame and fury that comes out of the brake away from the shooter. This could be useful, for instance, in a CQB situation (structure or vehicle) where the blast from a brake would be frowned upon. One place people will definitely thank you for using such a device is in enclosed shooting positions at the range. Nothing is more annoying then being smacked in the face with a blast from a brake as your just about to pull the trigger on a shot you lined up.

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November 01, 2018 at 3:55 pm, i8nt2low said:

Can they be used on the flash hider?


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