Dead Air Armament™ Mask™ Review

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Dead Air Mask suppressor

Dead Air Armament Mask Review

A silent day on the range with Mike Pappas and Todd Magee

As the popularity of sounds suppressors for hearing protection continues to grow, more companies are offering their own proprietary units for sale. A relatively new company on the scene is Dead Air Armament. The company was launched by Mike Pappas (a founder of SilencerCo) and Todd Magee (former SilencerCo designer) to provide high quality suppressors for military and law enforcement as well as civilian applications. Their first series of suppressors to arrive on the market were the .30-caliber Sandman suppressors for high-power centerfire rifles.

For 2015, the Dead Air lineup was expanded to include the Mask .22 suppressor. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a day at the range with Mike and Todd to learn more about the Mask-HD, or Heavy Duty, version of this new suppressor.

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