WWII gave birth to two of the world's superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, each exercising massive distrust of the other. The entire planet was at risk. This conflict was known as "The Cold War," lasting from 1947 to 1991. Spy games were very real, with both sides taking great risk to gather intel in support of their ideologies and missions.

“Counter-surveillance detected. This is a dark, ominous place. Extraction imminent.”

"Trusted associate GMFH vanished. No-show at drop-site."

"Safehouse compromised. Heading to location Zebra. Bonnie remains a covert asset.”

"Arrived at location Zebra. Awaiting package. Expediency and silence necessary.”

"Fear GMFH has been subject to harsh water-boarding interrogation tactics utilizing Jack and Diet Coke. Considering options. Unknown to enemy: GMFH is immune."

"Package received. Attached note contains unknown cipher. Making move on Monday.”

"Goods received in working order. Marked on the side reads: ODESSA-9. This will do. This will do just fine."