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The multi-purpose .46 caliber Primal. Optimized for big caliber high-pressure rifles, but adaptable enough for your pistol – and everything in between.

Extreme versatility makes it the king of multi-platform shooting. Direct thread simplicity, quick-attach Keymo, accuracy-driven Xeno, pistol boosters, and 3-lug for subgun fun, are all made possible thanks to our industry-standard 1.375”-24 rear threads and our newly engineered HUB to P-Series adapter.

To get you started, we’re including a 5/8-24 direct thread insert and the HUB to P-Series adapter. The Primal is ready for Nomad, Wolfman, and Ghost compatible mounts, right out of the box.

From 9mm to .45 ACP, and 45-70 to .338 Lapua, like a rabid beast the Primal will eat just about anything you give it. If you only want one silencer (to begin with), the Primal is it. Feed it what you want, mount it how you want. Your gun is waiting.

HUB mounting system compatible. Use direct thread, Xeno, or Keymo, and with the included HUB to P-Series adapter, the Primal accepts 3-lug and booster adapters.

Primal Specs

Rating: .458 caliber with energies up to .338 Lapua
Full-auto rated
Length: 7.9"
Weight: 16.5 oz.
Diameter: 1.618"
Materials: 17-4 Stainless Steel
Finish: Nitride thread insert, high temp Cerakote® silencer
Min. Barrel Length: 18" minimum recommended on magnum bottleneck cartridges
Mount: Ships with 5/8-24 insert and HUB to P-Series adapter
Compatible Quick Detach System: KeyMo
Xeno Adapter
Compatible KeyMount Flash Hiders: 1/2x28 (SCAR 16)
5/8x24 (SCAR 17)
Compatible KeyMount Muzzle Brakes: 3/4x24
KeyMicro Brake
Compatible with Xeno Mounting System: Xeno Adapter
Xeno Flash Hider
Xeno Brake
Fixed Mounts: 1/2x28
Additional Accessories: E-Brake
Flash Hider End Cap 7.62
Flash Hider End Cap 5.56
Front Cap 7.62
Front Cap 5.56
Front Cap 6.5
Front Cap Tool
MSRP: $929

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