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Why Choose Dead Air?

Experience Matters.

There’s so much more to suppressor development than legendary customer service and chasing decibels. Sounds funny coming from a group that has created some of the quietest silencers on the market. Quiet is the price of admission. But we’re not selling the ticket, we’re orchestrating the show.

Our successes in military and law enforcement deployments is an outcome of putting our focus on you. Your shooting experience matters, even off the range.

Our silencers are practical, user-friendly, and above all, they serve a purpose. Finding the perfect balance of sound optimization, blowback, materials, and weight, can’t be done effectively without having an end goal in mind. That’s why our product development is all about specific-use optimization.

All of our products can visit a variety of hosts, and do so extremely well. This is a by-product. You don’t need Cobalt 6 baffles for recreational shooting. Though you can bet you’d want it for sustained high-volume shooting.

The Sandman is a perfect example. We knew we wanted a silencer that could withstand a lifetime of professional abuse, and it does. That benefit alone would be meaningless if you get a face full of gasses every time you pulled the trigger. So the next balance was struck between sound performance and shooter enjoyment.

That’s just a small peek into our product development. But what’s most important to you is knowing we have your back. We’re your biggest fan. And as we bring the pinnacle of engineering skills, material knowledge, and manufacturing practices together to create our silencers, we’re thinking beyond numbers on a meter.

Always beginning with the why, what, and then how, we will continue to push the industry forward. With every suppressor there is an intended purpose, and that’s what drives everything from materials to mounts.

Don’t fall for “good enough” – that only ends in regret. Choose quality the first time.

Look at any Dead Air Silencers product and you’ll see attention to detail and aesthetic choices driven solely by engineering performance.

No gimmicks, no shortcuts, just pure performance.


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