Nomad LTi XC

.30 Caliber

Superb sound suppression and light enough to go mobile.

MSRP: $1199

More In Series: Nomad Ti XC

The next chapter of the venerable Nomad LTi is here – the Nomad LTi XC. XC designates Cross-Country, a term we gave the silencer lineup that lets you go further thanks to its minimal weight, while seamlessly integrating into all of your hunts and adventures.

You already know the jaw-dropping performance of the Nomad, but with the application of additive manufacturing technologies we’re advancing the patented Nomad baffle technology to new levels. Our Nomad XC series now features an enhanced two-stage coaxial baffle system with pressure-harnessing structures that regulate both low-pressure and high-pressure rounds. We’re squeezing even more strength per ounce out of the Nomad LTi XC while providing even better sound performance and precision, no matter what you are shooting.

Hunters and precision shooters already have enough on their minds to take, or even get the right shot. The extreme lightweight and phenomenal sound suppression make the Nomad LTi XC the ideal choice when covering distance and speed are part of the game.


See the Nomad LTi XC in action.

Enhanced baffle technology

Patented baffle technology that’s proven at massive sound reduction performance in both high and low-pressure calibers. The Nomad LTi XC even has lower back pressure than its predecessor.

Additive manufacturing

Utilizing state-of-the-art 3d printing processes we are able to advance this proven design while squeezing every bit of strength from a lightweight design without sacrificing sound performance.

Versatile design

The mounting versatility is obvious. What’s not so obvious, until you shoot one, is the equally impressive performance on both bolt actions and gas guns.


The Nomad LTi XC suppressor body weighs under 10 ounces. Light enough to tag along on all of your hunts and adventures, and a little longer than the Ti XC for more sound suppression.

Replaceable front cap

The Nomad LTi XC is compatible with all R-Series front caps and e-brakes.

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Aggressive tool features

The tool features and design elements of the suppressor body and mount allow you to change adapters with ease and save yourself the frustration of tool slippage.

Mounting options

The Nomad Ti XC includes a Xeno adapter and brake for maximum accuracy, but the modularity of the HUB socket allows for adapters to easily be swapped out. This includes Xeno, KeyMo, and direct thread.

Ships with 5/8-24 Omni Brake & Xeno Adapter

> Fixed Mounts
> KeyMo Adapter
> Xeno Adapter


Caliber Rating.300 RUM
Muzzle Energy Rating4400 ft lbs
Bore Diameter.30 caliber
Length8.12” (Body), 8.8“ (w/Xeno Adapter)
Diameter1.76 inches
Weight9.9 oz (Body), 12.2 oz (w/Xeno Adapter)
MaterialsGrade 5 6AI-4V Titanium
FinishRaw titanium satin bead-blasted, black, or FDE high temp Cerakote®, Nitride adapter and mount
UsageBolt-action, semi-auto. For ultimate sound reduction and weight savings.
Barrel Restrictions12.5” supersonic (5.56 NATO), 6” subsonic (.300 BLK)
Full Auto RatedNo
Patent No.20230228513
Nomad-L Line art

Nomad XC Series Options

Nomad LTi versions

Nomad LTi XC

The full-length Nomad LTi comes ready for precision with a full Xeno mounting kit.

Part #:


Nomad Ti versions

Nomad Ti XC

Our lightest .30 caliber silencer. Perfect for all of your hunts and adventures.

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Nomad LTi XC. Lighter & stronger.

What’s Included

5/8-24 Xeno brake included
5/8-24 Omni Brake
Xeno Adapter included
Xeno Adapter

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