Mojave 9

9mm modular suppressor

Featuring the patent-pending Triskelion™ baffle system

MSRP: $1099

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The Mojave 9 pushes the boundaries of performance, finally allowing you to have the benefits of low blow-back AND supreme acoustic signature reduction. This is achieved by the all-new Triskelion™ baffle system that promotes continuous, yet efficient flow of gases. This leads to a less toxic, lower recoil, and overall more enjoyable shooting experience. In short… it’s a breath of fresh air.

The two-piece modular design lets you prioritize peak levels of sound reduction or a lower size and weight, making it more versatile to fit your specific needs.

The Triskelion baffle design is made possible by DMLS additive manufacturing. It has opened the door for pushing the limits of performance through enhanced baffle geometries. Something not previously achievable through traditional manufacturing processes.


See the Mojave 9 in action.

Triskelion™ Baffle System (PATENT PENDING)

Finely tuned to give off a lower frequency wavelength. The Triskelion baffle design greatly reduces blowback over traditional designs on the market by optimizing forward flow of gases to provide a smooth and clean operation.

Modular Design

Prioritize size and sound reduction by adding or removing the front module. Though you’ll be impressed no matter which you choose.

You’ve got options

The Mojave 9 ships with a 1/2-28 piston and accepts all P-Series mounts and adapters including our KeyMicro, 3-Lug, and P-Series Xeno.

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No tools needed – mostly

Thanks to the fluted heatsinks, most of the Mojave 9 provides tool-free use. But when changing adapters we’ve got you covered with generous tool features.


3D printed titanium greatly reduces weight while still providing superior strength. The Mojave-9 was designed to have a rear center of gravity, giving your firearm a more natural feel when shooting.


Caliber Rating

9mm, 300BLK Subsonic (full-auto);
350 Legend, 300BLK Supersonic (semi-auto)

Energy Rating

1900 ft lbs

Length (Short / Long)5.89 inches / 7.64 inches
Diameter1.405 inches
Weight (Short / Long)8.2 ounces / 9.6 ounces
Materials6AL-4V DMLS Titanium, 7075 Aluminum, Stainless Steel
FinishBlack or FDE Cerakote® or Satin bead-blasted
Mount1/2-28 Piston (included), Accepts P-Series Adapters
Barrel RestrictionsNone
Full Auto RatedYes
Part NumberMOJAVE9
Patent No.Patent Pending
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Mojave 9. supreme acoustic signature reduction.

What’s Included

Odessa 1/2-28 piston included

1/2-28 piston & spring

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