Nomad Ti Xeno Precision Kit

Xeno Precision Kit

Includes Xeno adapter, 5/8-24 brake & E-brake

MSRP: $1299

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Nomad Ti XPK
When weight savings, repeatability, and accuracy are critical, the Nomad Ti XPK Kit is your solution. The Nomad Ti already shines as the perfect ultralight multi-modular mounting suppressor. With the added benefit of the Xeno, you’re all set for accuracy crucial shooting sports like long-range shooting and hunting.

The Xeno mounting system was developed to keep things simple and light. It features a counter-threaded mount protected behind the taper, ensuring your silencer stays secured tightly to your rifle.

This kit, paired with the ultra-light Nomad Ti, is one of the quietest and lightest options on the market geared towards precision. With the addition of the recoil reducing E-brake, it’s no wonder why hunters and precision shooters have been the early adopters of this combination. Now we’re bringing it to you as a full package, complete with the price savings.

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Xeno Adapter

A lightweight suppressor mounting option with non-negotiable repeatability and a solid return to zero — ideal for precision-minded shooters.

> Xeno Adapter

Xeno Brake

This omnidirectional brake has exceptional performance when running unsuppressed without disturbing everyone around you.

The shorter length and lock-up positioning mean It doesn’t sit deep into the blast chamber. This minimizes focused erosion on your baffles, prolonging suppressor life while maximizing sound performance.

> Xeno Muzzle Devices


Suppressors are often known for their recoil mitigating properties. The E-Brake from tames the recoil further by acting as a brake at the end of your silencer.

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Caliber Rating

Up to .300 Norma Mag

Energy Rating

4400 ft lbs

Bore Diameter.30 caliber
Length (w/Xeno Adapter & E-brake)8.10 inches
Diameter1.735 inches
Weight (w/Xeno Adapter & E-brake)11.77 ounces
MaterialsFully welded titanium 6AI-4V (suppressor), 17-4 stainless steel (Xeno mounts), Hard anodized 7075 aluminum (E-brake)
FinishCerakote™ black
UsageBolt-action, semi-auto. For when weight savings is critical.
Barrel Restrictions12.5″
Full Auto RatedNo
Patent No.20230228513

Nomad Ti Series Options

Nomad-Ti XPK

Nomad Ti Xeno Precision Kit

Get the Nomad Ti with a full Xeno mount kit and E-brake.

Part #: NomadTiXPKBLK


Nomad Ti versions

Nomad Ti

Lightweight titanium .30 caliber silencer.

Part #: NomadTi


Nomad LTi versions

Nomad LTi

Supreme silence in a lightweight package.

Part #: NomadLT


Nomad Ti Xeno Precision Kit. Lightweight accuracy is crucial.

What’s Included

Xeno Adapter included
Xeno Adapter
5/8-24 Xeno brake included
5/8-24 Xeno Brake
Nomad E-brake
Wolfman and Sandman front cap tool
Front cap tool
Accessory install tools

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