Sierra 5 Xeno

5.56 NATO

The ultimate 5.56 suppressor

MSRP: $859

More In Series: Sierra 5 KeyMo
Sierra-5 Xeno

From the beginning, our mission has been to give No Quarter in design, performance, and technology. The Sierra 5 stands true to that mission by giving you everything you want out of a dedicated 5.56 silencer.

This is a hard-use silencer. We are not cutting costs or decreasing lifespan by using stainless steel baffles. We are not sacrificing durability in search of saving a few ounces. The Sierra 5 is full-auto rated with no barrel length restrictions. Love or hate the knurling, it’s function over form, directly inline with our goal when developing the Sierra 5. Frankly, if you don’t get the Sierra 5 red hot each time you shoot it we might be offended.

Built for professional use, it offers the perfect balance of overall sound and flash suppression while maintaining a compact footprint and minimal weight. By utilizing HUB compatible (1.375-24”) mounting adapters, it can be configured to the end user’s specific needs and is available out of the box with either our KeyMo or Xeno mounting system.

Featuring the proven winning combination of welded Cobalt 6 baffles wrapped in a stainless outer tube, Sierra 5 is the last 5.56 suppressor you’ll need.

The Sierra 5 Xeno includes a 1/2-28 Xeno flash hider and a Xeno adapter. Check out the Sierra-5 KeyMo if you prefer a KeyMo system out of the box.


See the Sierra 5 in action.

Flash hider front cap

The included flash hider front cap aids in excellent visual signature reduction.

Interchangeable front caps

The Sierra 5 is compatible with all of our R-Series front caps, including our E-Brake.

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> Shop R-Series Front Caps

Fully-welded construction

All Cobalt 6 baffles and full penetration laser welding ensures a robust and solid monolithic core structure. Then welded to the outer tube for additional strength and durability.

The Sierra 5 is optimized specifically for high-performance out of the 5.56 platform in sound and flash suppression, while maintaining a low blowback, short pressure impulse.

Mounting modularity

The Sierra 5 XM ships with the complete Xeno system (adapter and flash hider). But thanks to the 1.375-28″ HUB socket you can change your mind without regret.

The Sierra 5 features a small hole drilled through the blast chamber making it possible to pin & weld your adapter or insert to the suppressor.

Ships with 1/2-28 Xeno flash hider and Xeno adapter

> Fixed Mounts
> KeyMo Adapter
> Xeno Adapter

Utilitarian design

The outer tube is knurled to provide a strong purchase for securing and removing the silencer. It also serves extremely well in securing heat-protective wraps.

The Sierra 5 also boasts heavy lug tooling features allowing for secure tightening and loosening adapters with included tools.


Caliber Rating5.56 NATO, 224 Valkyrie
Energy Rating2200+ ft lbs
Bore Diameter5.56mm
Length (no adapter)4.87 inches
Length (w/Xeno)5.72 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
Weight (No Adapter)10.8 ounces
Weight (W/Xeno)13.3 ounces

Cobalt 6 baffles, stainless steel

FinishBlack Cerakote®
UsageIdeal for heavy firing schedules
Barrel RestrictionsNone
Full Auto RatedYes
Part NumberSIERRA5XM
Patent No.11441867
Nomad 30 line art

Sierra 5 Options

Sierra-5 Xeno

Sierra 5 Xeno

Includes 1/2-28 Xeno flash hider and Xeno adapter.

Part #: Sierra5XM


Sierra-5 KeyMo

Sierra 5 KeyMo

Includes 1/2-28 KeyMo flash hider and KeyMo adapter.

Part #: Sierra5KM


Sierra 5 Minimal footprint, maximum performance.

What’s Included

Xeno flash hider included
1/2-28 Xeno flash hider
Xeno Adapter included
Xeno adapter
Accessory install tools

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