Up to 7.62x54R

Built for your COMBLOC collection

MSRP: $999

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The Wolverine was purpose-built to be the best Kalashnikov suppressor design available.

People said it couldn’t be done. They said the AK has too many inherent issues. It has to be tuned, or specially built, or muzzle threads fixed… But the Wolverine addresses all but the worst builds. Just mount it and shoot. It is the perfect balance of low muzzle noise and minimal backpressure.

It boasts classic Combloc looks with state-of-the-art materials and internals. Carefully balanced sound quality, toughness, and versatility are the calling cards of the Wolverine. Go ahead and shoot it on your favorite SBR Krinkov, or put it on your full auto RPK. It is built to handle it.

The mount of the Wolverine works with the rifle’s existing front sight block pin to help prevent loosening under a heavy firing schedule. But with the various mounts available, it can also serve as a direct thread silencer on just about any rifle.

Like the Sandman series, the Wolverine features a detachable front cap. This lets you change out the front cap simply and quickly. Should you drop your suppressor and damage the front cap or have an unfortunate baffle strike, you won’t need to send it back to the factory for lengthy repairs. The Wolverine removable front cap is interchangeable with the Sandman front caps.

No other silencer has even attempted what the Wolverine successfully does. For your AK and Combloc silencing needs, welcome the Wolverine into your home.


See the Wolverine in action.

Built for your AK

No additional gunsmithing needed. It is designed to accommodate non-centric threads and off-axis bore issues commonly found in the AK platform.

Ultimate lockup

The only silencer on the market designed to securely mount using the built-in front sight locking detent pin, ensuring your Wolverine will never back off.

Extremely versatile

Thread inserts are available in many popular, and not-so-popular thread pitches. The Wolverine can serve as a direct-thread-only silencer on a variety of hosts.

Ships with 14x1LH thread insert and collar

> Wolverine Fixed Mounts
> Wolverine Collars

HUB Compatible

To make the Wolverine even more versatile, the Wolverine HUB Adapter is available so you can use it with any HUB mounting system, including our KeyMo and Xeno.

> Wolverine HUB Adapter

Significantly reduced back pressure

The baffle stack of the Wolverine was specifically designed to address and manage over-gassing common on AK’s and other battle rifle platforms.

All Cobalt 6 baffles

It’s hard to beat the durability of Cobalt 6 when combatting the heat and pressure of suppressed shooting.

Replaceable front caps

Compatible with all R-Series front caps, the same front caps found in our Sandman and Wolfman silencers.

> Shop R-Series Front Caps


Caliber Rating

Up to .300 RUM

Energy Rating

4200 ft lbs

Bore Diameter .30 caliber
Length7.4 inches
Diameter1.5″ tube, 1.93″ outside diameter
Weight19.8 to 24.4 ounces depending on mount

Cobalt 6 Baffles and 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Welded Core, Stainless Steel Tube

FinishCerakote® body, Nitride parts
UsageHeavy-duty, so keep running through that surplus ammo.
Barrel RestrictionsNone
Full Auto RatedYes
Wolverine PBS-1 Line Art

Wolverine. Purpose-built for your AK platform.

What’s Included

14x1LH thread insert

14x1LH Thread Insert (installed)

14mm Collar

14mm Collar (installed)

Wolverine PBS-1 Tool

Wolverine Wrench

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