Wolfman KeyMicro Kit

KeyMicro Kit

Includes KeyMicro adapter & 1/2-28 brake

MSRP: $999

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The Wolfman is already one of the best subgun silencers you can own. It’s adaptable, modular, and dead quiet. The best and strongest way to mount it is with our KeyMicro adapter. With it, there’s no longer a need for the outdated technology of a 3-lug mount. You get a more robust quick attach method without the inherent issues of a 3-lug.

While the Wolfman is optimized for pistol-caliber carbine platforms, the KeyMicro adapter makes the Wolfman a great light-weight solution for your 5.56 carbine. Now, they are available as a complete kit with a savings of over $200. The Wolfman KeyMicro Kit includes a 1/2-28 Keymicro Brake and KeyMicro adapter.

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KeyMicro Adapter

Unleash the most secure mounting system for your Wolfman. The KeyMicro Kit includes the KeyMicro adapter, compatible with our KeyMicro brakes (included), KeyMicro flash hiders, and Keymo flash hiders.

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KeyMicro Brake

The included 1/2-28 KeyMicro Brake is bored out for 9mm projectiles. You can mount this on your subgun or 5.56 carbine with no issues.

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Caliber Rating

9mm, 5.56, 300BLK, 7.62×39, 350 Legend, .357 Mag

Energy Rating

2000 ft lbs

Bore Diameter9mm
Length (Long w/Keymicro Adapter)8.75 inches
Length (Short, w/Keymicro Adapter)6.35 inches
Diameter1.618 inches
Weight (Long w/Keymicro Adapter)19.2 ounces
Weight (Short, w/Keymicro Adapter)13.8 ounces
MaterialsFully welded 17-4 PH stainless steel
UsageExtremely tough subgun silencer. We even rated it for carbine use when using the KeyMicro adapter and mount.
Barrel RestrictionsNone
Full Auto RatedYes
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Wolfman Series Options

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Wolfman KeyMicro Kit

Get the Wolfman with a complete KeyMicro mounting kit.

Part #: WolfmanKMQDK


Wolfman modular


The modular 9mm subgun silencer that loves your carbine too.

Part #: Wolfman


Wolfman KeyMicro Kit. Get the best QD system in one kit.

What’s Included

Keymicro adapter

KeyMicro Adapter

Keymicro Brake

1/2-28 KeyMicro Brake

Wolfman and Sandman front cap tool
Front cap tool
Wolfman wipe front cap
Wipe front cap

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