Sandman K

.30 Caliber

Built for fighting, not hiding.

MSRP: $899

More In Series: Sandman S | Sandman L
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For those demanding absolute performance and durability, the Sandman Series delivers. Made and constructed from the toughest silencer materials, these are built to stand the test of time for serious users – and do so for military and law enforcement around the world.

The Sandman K was developed for very specific uses. Adding a mere 2.9″ to the end of your muzzle it is your compact companion.

The QD system is design perfection. One-hand installation or removal in just seconds. No wobble, no seizing, no affected performance; just easy on, easy off, with minimal point of impact shift and no loss of precision.

The Cobalt 6 baffles are welded into a solid core for added strength and durability. The front cap is detachable and features an integrated flash hider. This affords better performance, particularly in low light conditions. Pair your Sandman K with an E-brake for flatter shooting, or our Flash Hider front cap for even better flash signature reduction.


See the Sandman K in action.

The best QD mounting system on the market

The KeyMo was quickly recognized as the best suppressor attachment system in the industry. When you need absolute assurance your suppressor won’t come loose, there is no better option.

Works with a variety of mounts

The built-in KeyMo adapter works with any of our KeyMo muzzle devices, even the KeyMicro series.

Ships with 5/8-24 KeyMo muzzle brake.

> KeyMo Flash Hiders
> KeyMo Muzzle Brakes
> KeyMicro Brake

Interchangeable front caps

Change your front cap aperture to suit your caliber, add a flash hider front cap for ultimate flash signature reduction, or install an E-Brake for a flatter shooting rifle.

Ships with .30 caliber front cap.

> Shop E-Brakes
> Shop R-Series Front Caps

All Cobalt 6 baffles

There is simply no better baffle material for a heavy-duty silencer. As a professional-grade hard-use suppressor, the Sandman K can rely on nothing less.

Adds only 2.9″ to your muzzle

The Sandman K isn’t built for supreme silence. It’s built tough for mobility in harsh environments.


Caliber Rating

Up to .300 RUM

Energy Rating

4200 ft lbs

Bore Diameter.30 caliber
Length5.4 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
Weight12.8 ounces

Cobalt 6 Baffles and 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Welded Core, Stainless Steel Tube

FinishBlack or FDE Cerakote® body, Nitride attachments
UsageProfessional-grade heavy-duty use 
Barrel RestrictionsNone
Full Auto RatedYes
Part NumberSMK762
Patent No.11441867
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Sandman Series Options

Sandman K

Sandman K

Built for fighting, not hiding.

Part #: SMK762


Sandman S black and FDE

Sandman S

No B.S. hard-use silencer.

Part #: SMS762 / SMS762FDE



Sandman L

Hard-use, absolute sound performance.

Part #: SML762


Sandman K. Built for fighting, not hiding.

What’s Included

5/8-24 Keymount muzzle brake
5/8-24 KeyMo muzzle brake and shim kit

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