We provide a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects and damages caused by the normal use of this product. The manufacturer will repair or replace free of charge any suppressor manufactured by, or at the direction of, Sound Moderation Technologies. The product is sold “as is” with no further implied contractual rights or warranties beyond those expressly stated herein.

The warranty does not apply to certain conditions or acts. It is at the sole discretion and determination of Sound Moderation Technologies if a particular defect or condition is covered by this warranty. Conditions not covered include, but are not limited to: modifications, abuse, neglect, use of defective ammunition, use of improperly sized ammunition, and criminal conduct. Sound Moderation Technologies assumes no liability for damages or bodily injury caused by such acts or omissions as previously described. Abuse and neglect are defined as usage outside of the reasonable scope for which the product is intended, thus contributing to the accelerated and unreasonable premature wear of the suppressor itself.

If a repair is indicated then the owner must contact our Customer Service Department at (844) 293-6778 A Dead Air Armament representative will make arrangements for return of the suppressor at manufacturer’s shipping expense. DO NOT SHIP THE SUPPRESSOR FOR REPAIR WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING CUSTOMER SERVICE AND DO NOT SHIP IN ANY EVENT WITHOUT A COPY OF THE APPROVED BATF FORM. When you ship the suppressor back to the manufacturer, please include a detailed statement concerning the type of defect or malfunction encountered and describe the ammunition used and type of host weapon the product was used on or attached.

If for any reason your suppressor is not eligible for repair or replacement, you may purchase a replacement suppressor for 50% off the MSRP for a same or similar suppressor. Please contact our Customer Service Department for further details and requirements.