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Press Release:
For Immediate Release
Unlicensed Muzzle Devices Void Dead Air’s Lifetime Warranty
(4/17/2020) Buyer beware, there is a resurrection of counterfeit Dead Air Silencers muzzle devices hitting the market. Consumers should be sure to only purchase through authorized dealers and distributors. Use of any unapproved muzzle device will void the lifetime warranty Dead Air offers. These counterfeit devices have not been tested or approved by Dead Air Silencers, and as such, Dead Air will not be held responsible for personal injury or damage to any silencer used in conjunction with these devices.
“We work extremely close with our approved third party manufacturers. They’ve taken the appropriate steps to not only license our IP, but to ensure appropriate metalurgy, tolerances, dimensions, and more, that are key to working with our silencers” says Eric Rogers, President of Dead Air Silencers. “We take our vetting process very seriously, and we view any attempts to shortcut that process an attack on the safety of our customers.”
The muzzle device is a hypercritical component for a secure connection, efficiency, and safety. The only currently approved third party muzzle devices are made and/or sold by Sons of Liberty Gun Works, JMAC, Lantac, and Forward Controls Design.
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