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Dead Air Armament™ Debuts Ghost-M

Ghost-M Suppressor

The Truth About Guns Dead Air Armament Ghost-M suppressor

Dead Air Armament Debuts Ghost-M

With silencers going more and more mainstream every day, many companies have capitalized on the idea of modularity in their products. As we’ve covered in great depth here and elsewhere, buying a silencer isn’t easy or cheap, so the American gun buyer is very interested in maximizing his investment. The market has responded in kind this year with a ton of modular cans that allow the end user to optimize the one silencer they’ve purchased for various calibers, lengths, and hosts. Dead Air’s entry in the market is the new Ghost-M.

Dan, Jeremy, and I had the opportunity to shoot the Ghost-M at Media Day in the short configuration mounted on a GLOCK 19 and the long configuration mounted on a FNX-45 Tactical, and found both to be very adequate in their sound and recoil dampening abilities. Unfortunately, we weren’t in a cans-only area, so we both had doubled up ear pro while we were shooting. Subjectively, it sounds like a quiet can, but we’ll need to take one to the range with a meter to say anything more informed.

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