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Dead Air Armament™ launches Sandman™ suppressor line

Introducing the Nomad-Ti

Dead Air Armament launches Sandman suppressor line

New suppressor line focuses on attention to detail in engineering and materials

Lawrenceville, Ga. (November 2014) – Dead Air Armament, producers of game-changing, 100% USA-made suppressors, launches the 7.62 Sandman product line, which includes the Sandman-S, Sandman-L and Sandman-Ti models. What sets Dead Air suppressors apart from the competition is attention to detail in engineering and materials. Sandman baffles are constructed from 100% Cobalt 6, more costly than traditional stainless steel, but offering better performance under extreme conditions and usage than Inconel®. Tubes are made from high performance precipitation hardened stainless steel, making the Sandman series lightweight with no sacrifice on strength.

The 7.62 Sandman-S delivers performance in a small package. The “S” stands for short, measuring in at 6.8” in length with a weight of 18.5 oz., making it the perfect cross-over can for 5.56mm, 300BLK and 7.62 platforms. The quick disconnect (QD) system features easy one hand removal in mere seconds without the wobble or seizing that can often times affect performance. Easy-on-easy-off with minimal point of impact shift or loss of precision. As an innovative 7.62 design first, the front cap is detachable and features an integrated flash hider. This affords better performance, particularly in low light conditions. The detachable front cap also provides some level of insurance when that “accident at the range” happens and the can gets dropped or abused. The front cap can be replaced trouble free without the need of sending it back for time consuming repairs.

The 7.62 Sandman-L is designed for those demanding absolute performance in a suppressor. The “L,” or long version, is made and constructed from the same materials used in the “S” version and measures in at 8.9”. It offers true sound reduction of 31dB firing standard 7.62 ammunition. Just like the Sandman-S, the Sandman-L uses Dead Air’s industry best QD system for fool-proof quick one handed mounting. The mount features nitride finished 17-4 stainless steel construction for the ultimate in durability. The Sandman-L features a detachable front cap with an integrated flash hider. The whole suppressor gets a Cerakote finish for ultimate corrosion protection. The Sandman-L is ideal for a tactical bolt rifle or a .308 AR.

For those demanding the ultimate silence from a precision rifle suppressor, the Sandman-Ti suppressor is it. It features a titanium tube with precision rifle direct threads and detachable front cap specifically designed for the challenging environments faced by law enforcement professionals. The exterior is finished in Cerakote for ultimate durability.

Model:7.62 Sandman-S7.62 Sandman-L7.62 Sandman-Ti
Weight:18.5 oz.21.8 oz.16.8 oz.
Rating:Up to .300 Win MagUp to .300 Win MagUp to .300 Win Mag
Finish:Black Cerakote bodyBlack Cerakote bodyBlack Cerakote body

Dead Air Armament products are made in the USA and distributed by BPI Outdoors, an outdoor industry leader in combining excellence of manufacturing, sourcing, distribution and marketing of outdoor products through their experienced sales channel. The 7.62 Sandman line is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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About Dead Air Armament:
Dead Air Armament is a division of Sound Moderation Technologies®, a North Carolina company designing, patenting, and marketing the next generation in sound suppressor systems for civilian sportsmen, law enforcement, security and the military. Dead Air products are manufactured and sold through BPI Outdoors.

About BPI Outdoors:
BPI Outdoors, a Georgia based outdoor company parent to many highly successful brands in the shooting and hunting industry, including CVA®, PowerBelt® Bullets, Quake Industries, DuraSight Scope Mounts, Bergara Barrels and Dead Air Armament. BPI utilizes channel and direct sales relationship with virtually all major sporting goods wholesalers, buying groups, specialty retail chains and mass merchants. BPI manage a sales force of over 60 representatives located throughout North America.

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