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Dear Air Armament™ Sandman Review

Sandman Series suppressors


Suppressor Review: Dear Air Armament Sandman

It seems like silencer companies are coming out of the woodwork these days. Everyone and their brother makes cans — heck, my local FFL has a shop-built silencer they’re hawking. But while the basic design is simple enough making something that works, works well, and works well every single time is a challenge. It pays to have someone who knows what they’re doing at the helm, and in the case of Dead Air Armament they might have the best shot of any of the new silencer companies at making a big splash. Not only are they leveraging the engineering knowledge of Bergara Rifles to make their stuff, they’ve got Mike Pappas (formerly) of SilencerCo fame keeping them on the straight and narrow. Their first product being released shortly is the Sandman silencer, and I had an opportunity to test it out before anyone else.

As a preface, I just wanted to point out that this is not a typical TTAG review. Here at TTAG we usually reserve judgment until we’ve put a couple hundred rounds through something and tried it out in different conditions. Unfortunately the BATFE here in the U.S. prevents us from getting our hands on silencers for protracted testing unless we go through months of waiting, spend $200 per transfer, and live in certain states. It’s impractical. Luckily I recently had a chance to visit the folks at Dead Air Armament and test all of their cans under their supervision. While the tests may not be as extensive as a standard review, I feel that they (along with my experience in this field) were sufficient to allow me to form an opinion on the product.

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