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Xeno Pistol Wee Brake

Available in multiple thread pitches
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Suppressor Compatibility

To mount your suppressor to a Xeno muzzle device it must be equipped with a Xeno adapter (sold separately).

The Xeno Pistol Wee Brake is the latest addition to our line of Xeno muzzle devices. Featuring a 9 MM bore size in all thread pitch variations, the Xeno Pistol Wee Brake was designed as a QD mounting option with your pistol caliber Sub-Guns in mind. Pair the Xeno Pistol Wee Brake with the appropriate Xeno Adapter to use on your Wolfman, Ghost, Primal, Nomad, Sierra 5, and many more!

The shortened length of Xeno Muzzle devices is not only small in weight and length profile, but it also supports a more future-proof design with a heavy consideration for suppressors with smaller blast chambers across the industry.

Our material of choice is nitrided 4140 steel for hardness and corrosion resistance. The bonus is that it won’t gall your threads as is common with the uncoated 17-4 products out there. It’s no fun having your adapter drilled from the back of your suppressor while you’re biting your nails hoping it can be salvaged. Nitrided 4140 is just tough. Scouring off carbon and copper deposits is not only easier, but you’re also less likely to damage your threads.

For those desiring a mounting system that offers insane repeatability and durability, with very little length or weight added to your silencer, the Xeno is what you’re after.

All of the features, from the large taper, the left-hand threads, to the accessible tool features, provide the optimal platform for precision shooting while still being capable of hard use. The Xeno system takes a simple design and maximizes all the variables in the shooter’s favor.


1/2-28, 5/8-24, M13.5-1LH


4140 HT Alloy Steel


Black Nitride

Through Bore

DA125 ; 1/2-28 ; 9MM

DA126 ; 5/8-24 ; 9MM

DA135 ; M13.5-1LH ; 9MM


DA125 1/2-28 ;2.40 oz

DA126 ; 5/8-24 ; 2.24 oz

DA135 ; M13.5-1LH ; 1.92 oz

Overall Length


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