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Old school styling combined with new technology. The Wolf-9SD is what your 9mm subgun has been missing. The solid welded core is built to withstand the abuse of full auto fire and keep going for years of service. Extreme silence is epitomized in the long configuration, or unscrew the removable front module and embrace the thrill of making your subgun more compact.

The Wolf-9SD features a removable front module for full length and compact configuration, and is compatible with Ghost and Pyro Pistol Comp accessories.

*Weight and length will vary with various attachments (piston/spring, fixed mounts, 3-lug)

Wolf-9SD Specs

Rating: 9mm
Length (full/compact): 4.1"/7.58"*
Weight (full/compact): 7.5oz/14.7oz*
Diameter: 1.618"
Finish: Cerakote body
Min. Barrel Length: No restrictions
MSRP: $965.00

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