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20 Cutting Edge Suppressors

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20 Cutting Edge Suppressors

The hot list of cutting-edge sound suppressors on the market for today’s savvy gunners

Suppressors have been the focal point of countless spy movies and TV shows. While most of that action is exaggerated, it’s hard to deny the appeal of today’s sound suppressors.

With their many benefits, they are easily some of the best investments serious shooters can make.

The primary benefit of a suppressor is sound reduction. This benefit applies across a broad spectrum ranging from tactical applications to helping new shooters. Suppressors also act like muzzle brakes in that they can reduce felt recoil by as much as 30 percent. The reduction of painful muzzle blast is helpful, as new shooters using unsuppressed weapons tend to flinch with every shot. Additionally, the sound suppressor acts as a natural flash suppressor, which allows for better low-light shooting.

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