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Dead Air Armament™ at SHOT Show 2015

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Dead Air Armament at SHOT Show 2015

2015 looks like it’s going to be a great year for suppressors. This year at SHOT Show a number of manufacturers displayed new and improved models, some newer companies were present, and suppressor (or ‘silencer’, if you like–try not to get too caught up in it) sales are higher than ever. The reason for an increase in sales is up for debate, but my money is on the fact that, ‘Johnny-down-the-street in regular big Army’ can occasionally be seen with one, as opposed to being solely in the realm of bad action movie assassins or Special Forces troops. Regardless of the reason, this boost has given the already-good American suppressor market a significant shift skyward. The quality level of your average suppressor is much higher today than in years passed.

One of the newer companies is Dead Air Armament. This is no amateur home garage startup though–Dead Air was founded by Mike Pappas, formerly of SilencerCo.

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