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Dead Air Silencers Launch New Website

Introducing the Nomad-Ti

Dead Air Silencers Launch New Website


Kamas, Utah May 23rd, 2022–

The team at Dead Air Silencers has worked relentlessly to build a web platform that focuses on a premier customer-first user experience. The new website focuses heavily on user-friendly navigation and comprehensive product information while helping guide customers through accessory options.

In addition to the robust e-commerce store, customers will be able to get answers to all of their questions, from finding their local dealer to how to breakdown various suppressors with step-by-step videos.

“Understanding suppressors and the various accessories that go along with them can be a bit daunting to newcomers and even seasoned suppressor owners,” says Tony Tarantino, Director of Marketing. “Our new website helps guide customers through their purchasing journey. We want them to be fully informed not only of the suppressors’ optimal use, but all the accessory options available in order to make the most of their silencer.”

Visit the new website at

About Dead Air Silencers

Dead Air Silencers was founded by silencer veterans in 2014, and has been a leading innovator in the suppressor industry ever since. Staying true to their mission statement “No Quarter”, Dead Air focuses on bringing the best materials, designers and manufacturing techniques to the market. This “Never Settle” attitude has led to some of the most sought-after products and accessories to date.

For more information on Dead Air Silencers, contact:

Tony Tarantino

Director of Marketing

Dead Air Silencers


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