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Dear Air Armament™ Suppressors

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Dear Air Armament Suppressors

In December I had the good fortune to meet with Mike Pappas at the PMAA Gun Range east of Salt Lake City. Mike is a passionate man; in the mildly cold weather we carried gear to and fro while he happily shared his new joy of cutting wood. Always trying to improve what he has to work with, he’s having his chainsaw modified from 6hp to 9hp. This characterizes him quite well, including his desire to have a better suppressor mount.

The new silencer company Dead Air Armament was announced last October. With it, the first lineup, a series of 7.62 caliber cans including long (Sandman-L) and short (Sandman-S) models with quick-detach mounts as well as a direct-thread titanium version (Sandman-Ti).

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