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RECOIL: Hands-On with the New Nomad-L

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In the early summer of 2019 a large group of silencer manufacturers got together to do a massive amount of decibel testing all at once with ammunition manufacturer Discreet Ballistics. You can view all of the testing data here, but one silencer absolutely stood out from the crowd. Labeled the ‘Nomax’, this prototype longer Dead Air Nomad was put through the paces. For example, it metered at a remarkable 120.5dB at the ear using subsonic 300blk and a 16-inch barrel. In fact, the top three quietest silencers with this rifle/ammo combination were all made by Dead Air.

The Nomax was talked about so much that Dead Air decided to produce it in the form of the Nomad-L.

Essentially the Nomad-L is simply a normal Nomad with three more baffles in it. Though it doesn’t sound like much, it adds just under 2-inches (1.89) to the length and 4.3-ounces to the weight. And of course, this is naked without the optional Nomad E-brake or a quick-attach mounting system.

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