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Shooting Illustrated Range Review: Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1

Wolverine Suppressor

Suppressing the AK-47 has never been easy. The long stroke piston is mechanically noisy and a sometimes over gassed operating system slams the bolt carrier rearward with excessive force, spewing gas back through the ejection port. Worse yet, these effects increase with the back pressure created by attaching a suppressor.

Challenges also arise with foreign-built AKs if the barrel has non-concentric muzzle threads, a muzzle face that’s not square to the bore or an off-center bore. These issues don’t matter much if you are only concerned with mounting a short flash hider, but they can cause a suppressor to be mounted at an angle to the bore and create baffle and end cap strikes.

The Wolverine PBS-1 from Dead Air Silencers is engineered to mitigate these problems with a design that minimizes back pressure and baffle geometry that is forgiving of all but the worst instances of bore misalignment. When paired with the KNS Precision adjustable gas piston, the added noise and mechanical wear from an over gassed, sound suppressed AK can be tuned out completely.

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