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Pyro Blast Shield

Pyro Blast Shield

Push gas forward
Part #: DA432
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For use with the Pyro muzzle brake (sold separately).

The Pyro is an amazing device that reduces felt recoil. However, there are times when the noise and pressure caused by a brake are not desired. Enter the Pyro Blast Cap. Install it onto your Pyro and shield the pressure away from you and those next to you, pushing gasses down range. Ideal for using the Pyro in confined spaces such as indoor ranges or shoot-houses.

When paired with the KeyMo Adapter and KeyMo Flash hider or Brake, the DA432 Blast Cap can be added to turn this into high-performance linear comp and blast diverter.

Note: The Pyro Blast Shield is not compatible with KeyMicro or Xeno muzzle devices

Compatible Adapter(s) :
KeyMo adapter

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